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Please enjoy this site. If you can help with material that can be included email it to us at with your permission for us to use it. We would like, poems, book reviews, essays, articles on Aboriginal Australia -- in fact anything that would educate "westerners" in the ways of indigenous Australians and work towards a greater understanding of this culture and take us steps together down the path of reconciliation. 

Thank you 
James Ward - Site co-ordinator. 

Welcome to this site. You have come to a 'sacred site'  where you can learn about  perhaps the oldest continuous culture in the world -- the Australian Aboriginal culture. 

These people had a profoundly spiritual culture and lived it. I believe Aboriginal culture, like all other indigenous culture contains an urgent message for the modern world. 

I grew up at Nambucca Heads on the north coast of New South Wales in the fifties and sixties. "Nambucca" is an Aboriginal word meaning "winding River." It had been before the white Cedar getters, farmers and adventurers and traders came a place rich in Aboriginal culture. I remember as a boy finding in the forest trees still bearing in their bark the marks of sacredness to a people largely ignored or acknowledged by the local white Australians. They were outcast from society and marginalized, in those days, in a most awful way. 

Luckily for me my father loved the Aboriginal people, having spent much of his boyhood there fishing and associating with them. So I grew up with Aboriginal "friends of the family." A most unusual situation for white Australians in those days. It is only now that I realise just how lucky I was. 

For I early discovered a great respect for these beautiful people and a keen interest in their culture. 

Discovering this and seeking to find its wisdom has been a major search of my life. For the Aboriginal culture has answers for many questions that the "Western" world does not. Questions such as, "How should we live," "How should we treat the Earth," "How should we treat our fellow man?" 

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